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Fleece Taliban For They Are Murderers

Rarely am I on the side of Big Christ,  however there are exceptions.

The Taliban in Afghanistan killed a Christian aid worker for being a Christian.  If there is one thing evangelicals do well, it's organize.  Usually, I am against this.  Anti Choice Rallies, Republican Conventions, always get me down. 

However, I am generally for FEEDING PEOPLE and TEACHING BASIC SKILLS!  Christians organize these efforts very effectively across the globe.  They deserve a ton of credit for it.  Often it's faithful Christians who go to dangerous places and make sure people don't die.  

This woman was working with handicapped folks to help them increase their effectiveness in daily life. 

The Taliban claim she was spreading her religion.  The parent organization, Serving Emergency Relief and Vocational Enterprises, denies this and their record with the U.N. would seem to back it up. 

The Taliban need to be defeated.  They give Islam a bad name, men a bad name, and humanity a bad name. 

The name of the woman has not been released, but now she is a martyr in the fight for Sanity. 

Tags: afghanistan, murder, politics, religion

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